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March shop and craft update!

March 18, 2015

I couldn’t do a February update as I was busy with a custom order, which I can now tell you about! This is (before washing) the second of two skeins of light fingering weight yarn I was commissioned to do.


The final thickness and length were both super satisfying. I beat my previous record for length from 100g by 100m! It was a real challenge to get the yarn as fine as I wanted it, but the recipient is thankfully happy with it, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they make with it!


Because of having to concentrate so closely on the commissioned project, I decided to have some fun with my next few skeins, and have been playing around!


This pink was a JOY to spin! I didn’t concentrate too much on making it any particular thickness, and did a very simple and lazy 2ply with it by balling it using my wool winder, then taking the outer and inner ends and plying them together.


Apparently my resting WPI for merino is 16wpi, and again, I was very pleased with the length I got.

IMG_20150318_113747I stuck this up on the shop today, after managing to get some pretty good pics of it. (Shop link, pink merino yarn)

The next thing I got my teeth into was something completely new! I’d noticed a pleasing synchrony of colours in my stash between some merino tops and a couple of machine yarns, so decided to try doing some thick and thin spinning and combine the different elements to make things interesting.


Obviously I also put some sparkles in there because Why Would You Not! (Merino top thick and thin, plied with acrylic green and sparkles)


These two also seemed to go together quite well. (Merino and silk, plied with cotton)


And the yarn I ended up with from this I’m also really happy with.


I had some of the merino single left, but not enough to sell. I made a 2ply with it, using the same method as the pink above, and I’m going to try using it as a contrast yarn to finish off a top I’ve had half-knitted for about 18 months! I’ll let you know how I get on with that!

Apart from all the spinning, I took apart an old poncho and am reusing the yarn to make a big baggy cardigan, and after finding some very bright odds and ends of sock yarn in my spring cleaning, am working on the most eye-bleedingly bright socks you ever did see! I can’t wait to wear them!

Also, just for fun, I played around with some nail polish! See you next month!


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