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Poly Means Many: the little things

October 6, 2014

Poly Means Many: There are many aspects of polyamory. Each month, the PMM bloggers will write about their views on one of them. Links to all posts will be found at from tomorrow. This month, our topic is “the little things”.

The big things will always be there. They are obvious.

The little things are what keep us going every day, with hearts full of love and faces shining with smiles.

Laughing with my metamour at our boyfriend’s wedding reception.

Watching my partners cuddle each other on the sofa.

Having three sets of wonderful partners parents instead of just one, and being able to call the non-legally binding ones out-laws instead of in-laws.

The first time my father wrote a card to all four of us, instead of just me and my legal spouse.

Having someone to talk to about your frustrations with a partner, whilst knowing that the person you’re talking to loves them just as much as you do.

Being about to share joy about a partner’s strengths and successes with someone who is just as proud of them as you are.

Being able to plot with two partners to do awesome things for the third.

I watch Star Trek with one. We’ve watched all the movies and everything post TNG except Enterprise.

I watch ice hockey with another. We went to Latvia together to watch Team GB in the Olympic qualifying matches.

I watch Supernatural with the third. We swop fan fiction, theories and pictures by email and tumblr.

With my most recent ex, I played Mass Effect. They had the controller for the Mako sections, because I cannot make that thing drive in a straight line, no matter what I do.

We all watch Star Wars together.

The different ways they kiss you.How funny it is to have three partners simultaneously express that they can’t believe that you really haven’t seen this movie yet. And then they fix that.

With four to divide between, a cheesecake for pudding almost never feels like too much. And hey, any excuse for cheesecake is a win in my book.

The different ways they hug you.

The different pet names they have for you.

The different interests they have.

The different smiles they have that light up their faces and souls.

The different ways they respond to problems and requests for help, giving you multiple perspectives and ideas for every problem, and helping you to choose the best way forward.

The sharing.

All the little things that add up to a surety of love. The little things that add up to a life together.


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