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PSA: Snapchat and penises

June 16, 2014

So, the first time I put my Snapchat name out on my Twitter feed, I asked for dick pics. I did this mostly as a joke, because I didn’t really believe that people would honestly send pictures of their reproductive organs to me, a complete stranger on the internet, for no other reason than they could. Also, I figured that if anyone WAS going to send me dick pics, they would do so regardless of what I said, merely by virtue of me having given out my Snapchat name on an unprotected Twitter profile. At least if I asked for it, I reasoned, then it wasn’t actually sexual harassment, just a joke.

That time, I got sent three dicks. And it was kinda funny. At least until one of these dicks kept making itself known for a further month, once the joke had gotten really very stale indeed. Much like their cock cheese.

Today, I was Snapchatting away and thought to myself that I’d quite like to have more people to chat with. I sent out another tweet, this time asking for ‘people to Snapchat my face, dog and yarn to’.

First pic was a dick. It arrived within 3 mins.

This time, I didn’t ask.

My Snapchat name is fearlessknits. I would love to send you pics of my face, dog and yarn, and see bits of your life that you’d like to share.

But no dicks.

If you send me a picture of your penis, I will tweet out your Snapchat name, comments on the pic, and a grade, from A to D. If I can be bothered.

Please don’t send me dick pics. I’m far more interested in your craft projects, pretty faces, and whether the weather is being particularly beautiful round your way.



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  1. Oh! Snapchat for knitting projects!!!!!!!!!
    I will add you, I’m some variation of snailishk

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