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Why can’t we #killallmen?

May 7, 2013

So the tag #killallmen has been doing the rounds on twitter. For quite a while. I first remember seeing it about 3 months ago. 

I can understand where it comes from. It’s really easy under patriarchy to see men as the problem. Men disproportionately benefit from the structural inequalities of patriarchy. Men mostly seem unaware of the advantages from which they benefit. 

But to say or imply that killing all men would solve the problem is simplistic, and against the fundamental principles of intersectionality. 

Fundamentally, as explored in this comic by Miriam Dobson and this superb post by my partner @doodle_pops, any time you divide the world into people who are ‘good’, who are ‘our sort’, people who are on our side, you necessarily create a divide between those people, and ‘them’. ‘Them’, those who you’re joking about killing, those you exclude from your conversation on all oppressions on the basis of one oppression where the structures of patriarchy work in their favour. 

Because each time, every time, you divide the world into them and us, you cut a living person down the centre. And attention is diverted from the very real problems of structural patriarchy towards the infantile and disingenuous ‘battle of the sexes’.

We must raise our game. Men are not the enemy. Our enemies are the structures and attitudes which support patriarchy. They are harder to fight than each other, but doing anything else only takes us backwards, and helps to reinforce the structures we wish to eliminate.


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