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February 3, 2013

So, on the quiet, we’ve been working on this new project. Please have a look and stuff. Also, we’re on twitter at @feministanth. Thank you 🙂

Feminist Anthology Blog

About a month ago, I (fearlessknits) had an awesome idea and shared it with Zoe Stavri (Another Angry Woman) because she’s also awesome, and the nature of the idea invited collaboration. That idea was to create an anthology of feminist blog posts from a wide variety of writers which would provide a snapshot of feminist discussion for the year.

Because blogs are an increasingly important forum for discussion and learning, and yet are also ephemeral. Blogs arrive and disappear, and sometimes a truly important post is one that goes viral from a fringe blog which isn’t commonly read. Discussions happen, people post and respond, important points may be made in comments or traded blog posts between two or more writers, and following this discussion can be difficult.

It can be even more difficult if you’re trying to get up to date, if you’re entering the field…

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