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Lovable characteristics of women

December 29, 2012

There’s been a bit of back and forth over the last day or so about lists of supposed attributes of the perfect woman. It started with one in particular, but I’m not going to link to any because you know exactly what they say.

Here is a list of actual attributes of actual women that I know who are loved by their partners:

  • short
  • tall
  • exactly average height for a woman in the UK
  • have problems putting on weight
  • have problems keeping off weight
  • small feet
  • large feet
  • feet that don’t work
  • a wheelchair
  • blond hair
  • brown hair
  • black hair
  • red hair
  • blue hair
  • lots of hair
  • very little hair
  • bald spots on their heads
  • a naturally sunny disposition
  • a problem with long term depression
  • a problem with self-harm
  • suicidal thoughts requiring intensive support
  • autistic spectrum disorders
  • seasonal affective disorder
  • schizoaffective disorder
  • a fondness for wine over beer
  • a fondness for beer over wine
  • a fondness for weed over alcohol
  • a nicotine addiction
  • a preference for avoiding all alcohol and intoxicants
  • hairy legs
  • hairy armpits
  • hairy cunt
  • hairy balls
  • hairy nipples
  • hairy chin
  • a preference for no hair below the neck on themselves or their partners

Be who you want to be. Be who you are.


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