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August 8, 2012

So, what with the whole house buying and moving thing, I’ve not been doing so much of the writing and tweeting recently, but I’ve been thinking. I realise this is similar to saying ‘I’ve been breathing’, but I think it’s relevant given that I’m about to tell you the product of this thinking.

There are several subjects and strands of current public debate that I’m interested in. I’m interested in the political shape and future of the UK, the economic shape of the future worldwide, how we ended up in this situation which effectively means political and economic history for at least the last 60 years and feminism and in particular equality for sexual minorities including the ones I identify as (polyamorous, bisexual, kinky).

I’m reaching the point where I can’t really keep up as much as I want to on all of these subjects. As much as I enjoy keeping up to date, networking and writing on all of these subjects, I have to accept some realities. I need to sleep. I need to eat. I can’t earn money from just reading and thinking about interesting things and writing about them. And despite being the only woman of five adults in my polyfamily, I am currently the one earning the most, with the highest earning potential and who most enjoys actually going out and working for a wage.

So I need to focus. But on what?

Another thing that I’ve been musing on recently is the fact that, for the most part, individuals by themselves rarely make that much of a difference. You can say that individuals have made large contributions, in particular writers who have managed to catch, preempt or further a movement or school of thought, but even the best writer can’t make a difference if no one reads their work. 

My partners have suggested that I focus on polyamory and non-monogamy. The thinking is that because being poly, bi and kinky are pretty much the only weird things about me, and I am in other ways apparently very respectable (I like working and do a societally ‘safe’ female admin job, I’m married, I’m white, I have received pronounciation – essentially, I don’t look like a Big Scary Anarchist Come To Smash The Roots Of Our Shared Heritage, although I kinda a little bit am) I may be able to make the most difference here.

But to be perfectly honest, although I am interested in the state of rights for sexual minorities, and am of course interested insofar as in affects my own life, I’m actually far more interested in economics and politics. 

I don’t think that any movement can progress without the little people, fighting to understand the big thoughts being had by the people at the top and spreading and sharing these thoughts to those around them. This is the role I am currently playing with economics and politics (I hope). But, if I try to get more involved with exploration, information sharing and advocacy for polyamory and sexual minorities, I have more of a chance of making a significant impact, due to my privilege as mentioned above, and the fact that it’s a smaller and less crowded pond.

What to do, what to do? I feel like Rainbow Dash presented with a garden full of potential pets!

For the time being, I’m leaning more towards continuing my exploration of political economics. I’d love to get to the point where I have a sufficient understanding of economics and anarchism to be able to write something useful about how an economy could work in an anarchic setting. (Even without any form of exchange, things need to be made and gotten from one place to another, how do you make sure people don’t starve, communicate common needs and ensure innovation? How can you have an anarchy that doesn’t end up with everyone living on subsistence farming? If this has already been done, please tell me.) The question is, would I be able to do it? I’ve not got a degree, and it’s a bit too late and too pricey to get one. If I decide to try and figure this one out, it will probably be my life’s work, and may in any case end up being ignored and dismissed due to my lack of paper qualifications. 

In summary, I’ve not decided yet. 

And it’s 37 minutes past bed time. Sweet dreams everyone. 


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I feel the need to point out my biases, here. When I agreed that I thought that you could make more of an impact if you didn’t focus on the economic side of things, it’s because I think the economic side of things is a losing battle. I don’t think that anyone, for all their work and their efforts, can actually make a difference to the current economic state we’re in.

    Also, I love you. I don’t want to see you spend all your days working for something you won’t see- or more to the point, something I think is probably a terrible idea. Like anarchy.

    But I wasn’t actually trying to influence you. Remember when we had a conversation about a friend of ours who was considering standing as an MP, because he recognised that politics is terrifying right now and something needs to be done? I said he could do a lot of good, but that the world would be poorer for it, because his heart lies with telling stories. It’s his first love and no matter how he brings home the bacon, stories are what he adores. I meant it like that. If, in another life, you had focussed on sex/gender politics, you would be amazing at it. You could do so much good. But I know your heart is with the other stuff. I was remarking on the road not taken.

    I acknowledge your bizarre love of economics, even if I do not understand why you’d choose it over tasty tasty sex and gender politics. But then, I would say that, wouldn’t I? It’s what I am most invested in. Again, I’m biased.

    It should go without saying that while I do not understand your fascination with glorified maths, I completely support it and you.

  2. fearlessknits permalink

    Thank you my love 🙂 That clarification is useful and welcome.

    I think I probably agree with you that, right now, anarchy wouldn’t really work. But I think it could in the future, and the sort of detailed thinking about the practicalities of life in an anarchy, like the economics of it, are the sort of thing that make it more likely to happen. It won’t be in our lifetime, but I feel it’s an idea worth exploring.

  3. fearlessknits permalink

    So, since writing this, much of it has been superseded or rendered obsolete by interesting conversations with clever people who make me feel cleverer just by talking to me. So it goes. 🙂

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