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So, sometimes I take the bait.

July 5, 2012

TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of rape and multiple examples of rape apologism.

I try to be good. I try to stay away from the crazies. But sometimes, it’s just too tempting, and I just can’t resist.

This is the complete text of a facebook conversation I had yesterday with a friend of my sister’s. Assange Fanboy #1 is my sister’s friend, and it kicked off after he posted this photo.

The conversation is verbatim, including typing errors. The only thing I’ve changed is names to anonymise it. 

Assange Fanboy #1 shared Anonymous Portugal Internacional’s photo.

Tuesday at 14:13 · 





Unfortunately, rape doesn’t really contribute to worldwide peace. Wikileaks was an awesome organisation, but has become tainted by not cutting ties with a potential rapist. They need to ditch Assange, then they can carry on with their work.

Assange Fanboy #2

Well he is the founder of Wikileaks, it definitely wouldn’t have got where it is without him. The rape allegations were conveniently timed for The Swedish Prosecution, and he hasn’t even been charged with them yet. Very suspicious.


As I understand it, you can’t be charged with something until you appear in a court with jurisdiction over the territory where the crime took place, meaning that Assange cannot be charged until he is in a Swedish court. Which he has been at pains to avoid so far. Also, if these rape allegations are being taken unusually seriously, I feel that tells you more about the atrocious state of rape prosecutions in general than this case in particular. All rape allegations should be taken seriously. It is refreshing that these women are being taken seriously, and an indictment of our system that it takes ulterior motives to make that happen.

An arrest warrent has been issued. If he is innocent, he should answer it, stand trial and prove that in court.


Oh god hideous typo! Warrant not warrent. I blame typing this on my phone whilst cooking!

Assange Fangirl 

Rape is far too strong a word given the evidence. They’re trying every weapon they can to take him out. Government were caught red-handed taking the piss with taxpayers money by wantonly murdering innocents across the globe. Not for anyone’s protection but for turf and profits. A rape charge is totally unfounded when you read what happened: ‘According to published reports, the charges Sweden has lodged against Assange involve two different women. Their initial intention was reportedly to force Assange to take an HIV test. There are four charges: that on 14 August 2010 he committed “unlawful coercion” when he held complainant 1 down with his body weight in a sexual manner; that he “sexually molested” complainant 1 when he had condom-less sex with her after she insisted that he use one; that he had condom-less sex with complainant 2 on the morning of 17 August while she was asleep; and that he “deliberately molested” complainant 1 on 18 August 2010 by pressing his erect penis against her body.” From wikipaedia’s take on it complainant 1 shouted ‘sexual molestation’ only when he didn’t put on the condom. With time found to do some ‘insisting’ that he wear one. Other than that he held her down with his body weight. The second complainant 2 wasn’t worried about the sex during sleep (!) it was that he wasn’t wearing a condom. I believe it is breaking the law in Sweden to not wear condoms, apparently. But a zillion miles away from ‘rape’. If you ask me they should have both sent him flowers. 🙂

Assange Fanboy #1

‎Fearlessknits you share the views of the US politicians who want him murdered. The charges are very clearly trumped up to get him extradited to the US where he will be imprisoned indefinitely. You should investigate the full story. It is not as black and white as you are painting it.


Guys. You are using the wrong definition of the word rape. You are trying to find ways for your hero to not be a rapist. Sex without enthusiastic, informed and concious consent to all it’s constituent parts is rape. If someone only consents to sex with a condom, having sex with them without a condom is rape. By this measure Assange is a rapist. 

He’s also a bloody good activist and it’s a real shame that these allegations have overshadowed the work he’s done with Wikileaks.

The rape charges have nothing to do with the USA, and I’m not sure why so many Assange supporters are pulling them in. Besides, if he was really worried about extradition to the USA, Sweden would be a really good place to be (if he hadn’t raped two of it’s citizens) as it doesn’t extradite to countries with a death penalty.


Also, Assange Fanboy #1, just because I have reached a different conclusion to you does not mean I haven’t fully examined the information and researched the case.

Assange Fangirl 

Enthusiasm? This is not always attained by both parties, esp at 7am. Does this mean I raped him? 🙂


If you’ve had sex with someone and you had to coerce them into it, then yes, you have raped them.

Assange Fanboy #1 

April 2010: Apache helicopter attack on journalists 

Video footage shows 15 people, including two people working for the Reuters news agency, being gunned down by a US Army helicopter in Iraq. The crew, who were not disciplined, mistook their targets’ camera equipment for weapons. 

July 2010: Afghanistan war logs 

Tens of thousands of classified US military documents tell of the daily events of war in Afghanistan. The logs disclose that the Taliban is receiving greater assistance from the Pakistani intelligence services than was previously known and that the US runs a secret assassination squad. They also raise questions over potential crimes committed by coalition troops. 

October 2010: Iraq war logs 

Almost 400,000 classified US military documents recording the Iraq war suggest that evidence of the torture of Iraqis by coalition troops was ignored and record civilian deaths in more detail than was previously known. More than 66,000 civilians suffered “violent deaths” between 2004 and the end of 2009, they show.

Assange Fanboy #1 

August 11 – Assange arrives in Stockholm for a speaking trip where it was arranged for him to stay at the apartment of ”Miss A”. 

August 14 – Assange and ”Miss A” attend a seminar by the Social Democrats’ Brotherhood Movement, at whichthe Australian is the key speaker. The two reportedly have sex that night. 

August 17 – Assange reportedly has sex with ”Miss W”, a woman he met at the seminar on August 14. 

Between August 17 and 20 – The two women are said to have shared concerns over their sexual encounters with Assange. 
August 21 – The arrest warrant is withdrawn but the molestation charge remains. 

August 31 – Assange is questioned by police in Stockholm and formally told of the allegations against him which he denies. 

September 1 – Director of Prosecutions Marianne Ny says she is reopening the rape investigation against Assange.

October 18 – The WikiLeaks founder is denied residency in Sweden with no reason given. 

November 18 – Stockholm District Court approves a request to detain the WikiLeaks founder for questioning on suspicion of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. 

November 20 – An international arrest warrant for Assange is issued by Swedish police via Interpol.

Assange Fangirl 

So if you like his activism then until a jury convicts him why don’t you give him the benefit of those doubt you have. With respect. We don’t know anything till then.

Assange Fanboy #1 

READ THAT Fearlessknits and tell me whether you think there is any coincidence there. It is very clearly bollocks.

Assange Fangirl 

In that case I stand guilty as charged. 🙂 (Runs off to warn her girlfriends)


I’m really far less concerned about the timing. I’m concerned for the two women at the centre of this who have put themselves on the line to make the emotionally damaging and extremely personally risky allegation of rape. I believe them. If he is innocent, let him stand up in what are generally held to be among the fairest courts in the world and be proven innocent. All the other stuff is window dressing. It’s a PR smokescreen. At the heart of this affair are two women who want justice for what Assange did to them without permission. He should face justice as he has campaigned for so many others to face justice. Anything else is hypocritical.

Assange Fanboy #1 

I think you are an troll. The two women are anonymous, and teaming up against a man who each of them slept with in the space of three days, to discredit him, after he embarked on a campaign to expose the war crimes of the most violent regimes in the world. I smells like shit to me.

Assange Fangirl 

You’ve been given enough enformation to at least wobble in your stance a little. One wonders why you’re so insistent that you’re right. Are you being paid to stubbornly occupy this position? 🙂

Assange Fanboy #1 

I don’t think Assange is stupid enough to commit ANY crime while embarking on such an endeavour. He knows the danger he is in and who he is up against. It is ridiculous.

Assange Fangirl 

And good looking enough not to need to.


I have to go off lunch now. I’m not being paid to hold this position, I don’t know if Assange Fanboy #1 is (Assange Fangirl, your question didn’t say who you were asking). No evidence has been brought up in this conversation that I didn’t already know. If I have time this evening, I’ll write a fuller response.

Assange Fanboy #1 

I’d LOVE to be paid to hold this position! Unfortunately, the bulk of the money in this world is held by people who profit from the wars that Assange exposes. There is my answer to that. PLEASE, FIND SOMEBODY WHO WILL PAY ME TO DO THIS!!!

Assange Fangirl 

Nice chatting with you tho, Fearlessknits. It’s good to challenge each other, respectfully. It moves us all on. Sending you some Energy to help you on your path. Don’t bother with a long reply on my behalf, I’m sure you’re busy too. Take care. 🙂

Assange Fanboy #1 

‎”Clare Montgomery, representing the Swedish authorities, tells a judge that two women who accused Assange of sexual assault did not freely consent to his advances but felt “trapped” into “submitting to his will”. ” – SOOOO, they did not say ‘yes’, they did not say ‘no’, but they say his ‘will’ ‘trapped them into submission’?!?! Bullshit. If you can’t see that Fearlessknits then you either hate men and believe they are all rapists or you have other motivations.

Assange Fanboy #1

 “He has received numerous awards and nominations, including the 2009 Amnesty International Media Award, Readers’ Choice for TIME magazine’s 2010 Person of the Year, the 2011 Sydney Peace Foundation gold medal and the 2011 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism.[10] Snorre Valen, a Norwegian parliamentarian, nominated him for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize.”


You know, on second thoughts, you’re a nasty little misogynistic rape apologist and unthinking Assange fanboy. I don’t know why my sister is friends with you but I will be advising her to break off the association.

Assange Fangirl 

Assange Fanboy #1 is a regular contributor to this network. He comes up with some good info. You both merely disagreed. It happens. Just move on.

Assange Fanboy #2 ‎

“Sex without enthusiastic, informed and conscious consent to all it’s constituent parts is rape.”

Once I forgot to ask my GF if it was ok before shagging. She never reported me but I guess I should turn myself in.

Another time she asked me not to wear a condom, but I did anyway.

*Heads off to local police station*

Assange Fanboy #1 

Rapists are the lowest of the low, and I think prison is too good for them. However, I do not believe for one minute that the Assange case is one of rape. It is a very clear smear campaign against a man who has made enemies of some of the most wealthy, powerful, and ruthless people in the world by publicising what they do to innocent people in faraway countries. They have publicly called for his assassination by any means, and their first attempt is character assassination. Anyone who cannot see this needs to open their eyes a little wider.

Assange Fangirl 

We’re all as pebbles rattling around a tin, knocking the shit off each other. 🙂



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Shame you couldn’t resist using mental health slurs.

    Being a misogynistic rape apologist is not the same as being mentally ill. Asshole is not a mental illness diagnosis, the Assange fans are assholes, they are not “crazies” given that the term is used for people with mental health issues. Many people with mental health issues also agree that the Assange fans are full of bullcrap on the Assange case.

  2. fearlessknits permalink

    Of the two uses of the word crazies there, the one I take issue with is the mental health one. People with mental health problems are not crazy, and people who think that sleep is consent are.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    It is a slur term. Using it reinforces mental health stigma.

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