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The direction of the left

March 11, 2012

Why is it that despite widespread anger and opposition to the government in the UK, and the neoliberal power worldwide, that we cannot oppose this sufficiently?

What is our problem?

We are divided. Leaderless. We are so keen on being right, and not stamping on the beliefs of others, that all our beliefs get stamped on. 

There are so many groups on the left. The Labour Party doesn’t really count anymore, and the Lib Dems – well, let’s not get started.

But there are so many little groups with small memberships. Have a look here: There are so many socialist groups. Marxist groups. Democratic groups. And then there are the single issue campaigns. And Occupy and it’s hangers on.

How can all this energy be directed? Can it be directed? Is it possible to unite the left without destroying its essence? Can we bring together these disparate groups to fight against the current neoliberal consensus, against the false narrative of ‘there is no alternative’ without those groups losing the diversity and originality that draws in many of their members?

I wish I knew the answer. But unless we solve this, we may well be just the ‘stiff opposition’ that historians write about from a corporate neoliberal future, one with no space for the old, the unproductive, the sick or the artist.


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