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This is way too cool for me #occupynye #olsx

December 31, 2011

I keep on coming to political stuff in London on my own. I know it's a really silly idea and the Met hate real people, but like a moth to a flame, I keep coming.

OLSX is seeing in the new year in style. There is some awesome bassy music playing outside St Paul's the genre of which I can't identify, and am in any case way to White Anglo Saxon Protestant to dance to without large amounts of alcohol and many friends, preferably ones who have already seen me naked.

I'm on my own here, but it feels like home. People here care about the world and can see it's broken. It's highly likely we disagree on the causes, symptoms and solutions, but at least we're here. Step one.

I should pluck up the guts to go say hello to someone.

Right now though, I'm just going to enjoy spectating this most radical of parties.


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