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Are you being deliberately terminally stupid?

October 29, 2011

Firstly, go read this article from the Economist’s Schumpter column.

So, what should Wall Street do?

They should get a fucking clue, that’s what.

The article quotes a Wall Street PR man who “grumbles that the protesters are upset more by unemployment and inequality than by anything particular that Wall Street does.”

Wow.  That’s just, wow.  They are so very far from getting the point.  

In the next paragraph the author opines that Wall Street has a “reasonable tale” to tell about how it’s not the bad guy really, and you need us, and we’re too big to fail.  Bullshit.  We’ve heard it all before, and it only ever got us more indebted, disenfranchised, policed, demonised and under- or entirely un-employed.  

As for suggesting that bank bosses meet with protesters, I think that’s a good idea.  But it should be a genuine meeting, not a PR stunt.  They can explain what they’re trying to do, and we can explain why we have a problem with that.  

Maybe if they they actually met some activists with an open mind, they would realise that we have more going on than just being “people wearing nose-rings.”  Which I don’t.  And why would it have any effect on my economic intelligence if I did?

GAH!  So angry!

Okay, gonna try sleep now.  I’ll let you know if I have any success or merely SIMMER WITH RAGE all night!


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