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Radicalising others? Me?

October 27, 2011

I just sent this email to my dad:

Hi Dad,

I think you should go down to the occupation at St Paul’s for at least one of the general assembly meetings they have there (daily, 1pm – 2pm and 7pm – 9pm).  You are interested in politics, you have a background in the church and an interest in the ongoing position of the religious in public life in the UK.  You are intelligent and well read, and you offer an economic and political perspective which will differ from a lot of those there on a daily basis.  You would probably get the most out of it if you went to the midday meeting on a weekday, as that is when there will be the fewest protesters (so more chance to actually engage in useful discussion) as many will be at work, and there will also be fewer journalists and police.  I’m not trying to persuade you to espouse a particular viewpoint, but I think your perspective and knowledge could be valuable to the ongoing conversations that are happening there.

Okay, idea-splurge complete!  Hope you had a good time in Taize!

Much love!


I’m not trying to radicalise him, oh no!  *hides crossed fingers*


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