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Feminism and doing everything

June 30, 2011

I‘ve been doing quite a bit of feminist reading recently, and it’s struck me that as a group, women seem at the moment to be going a little bit crazy after all that patriarchy.  As Courtney E Martin said, ‘“you can do anything” is twisted into “you must do everything”’, and we’re all trying to chase that dream, every one of us desperately looking for our own glass ceilings to smash.  Now that the weight of oppression has lessened, we’re hurtling up like a piece of foam that’s been held underwater and is then let go.  Using that analogy, we may just now be breaking the surface, jumping out of the water altogether, making a splash and getting noticed.  Maybe in another 100 years or so we will have settled down, got used to being the equal of men, and we’ll all bob along happily together, equals at last.  I hope I live to see it.


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